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Founded in 2013, CloudGraf is a Vancouver-based software development studio sourcing open-data to build mobile discovery apps with a social conscience.
CloudGraf came to be one day when Kacey (project manager extraordinaire) and Louis (server developer genius) got to talking about Kacey’s idea for an app development studio at outrigger practice. Louis told Kacey about his friend Dave (app developer god), and then introduced Kacey to Dave…and from that, CloudGraf was born.

Kacey left the team in 2015 to work full time on his new project : Pod & Leaf Trading Co.

The Team

Louis Lapprend, Server Developer: Louis is a brilliant PHP coder with some serious IT savvy; and a master strategist, who’s deadly with a fighting stick. Louis taught Dave to stick fight. And, he speaks French too.

Dave Dumaresq, iOS App Developer: Dave’s got the chops in software development and computing systems. While he’s a playwright and an analyst in his daytime life, he also competes in horseback archery. Yes, we said Horseback Archery. No, he doesn’t speak French.


This team can put your data into the open where it matters and then craft a gorgeous mobile app that will pull your people together to make a difference in the social order.


(778) 968-4242
522 Keefer Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1Y3


The CloudGraf logo was designed by Mez Breeze Design.