What’s RentalDog?

RentalDog is a brand-new app designed to help you search for an apartment in Vancouver. Available on iTunes, RentalDog shows you what issues your potential new home could have – saving you time, money and heartache, and preventing you renting a crappy apartment.

RentalDog shows you a map of all rental properties (with more than 5 units) in Vancouver with current bylaw infractions. That way, you see what properties you may want to avoid in your search for a home.

RentalDog is on iTunes now – for free.

What information does RentalDog provide?

RentalDog shows you all licensed rental properties in Vancouver and any issues those properties have had within the last year. RentalDog includes the following information:

  • Property address
  • Landlord or property owner’s name
  • Number of units in the building
  • Any unresolved health or safety bylaw issues, including issues that have been resolved within the last 12 months will also be listed:
    • Standards of maintenance – inadequate heat and hot water; pest infestation; malfunctioning smoke alarms; trip hazards; leaks in pipes, sinks and roofs; and broken windows, doors and appliances
    • Fire safety
    • Building safety
    • Electrical, plumbing, gas, and sewer
    • Signage
    • Tree protection
    • Untidy premises
    • Zoning and development

RentalDog is easy to use, with features like:

  • List
    • From our List view, we show buildings sorted by number of infractions and display a trend indicator showing whether the owner has reduced or gained bylaw issues.
  • Search
    • You can also search from the List view by address, owner’s name, and severity. When you switch to the map, the display is filtered according to the search results
  • Map
    • Using our map, you can see icons of rental buildings using three colours to indicate severity by number of infractions – Blue Yellow, and Red. Spectre is displayed for any rental building with more than 50 infractions.

What kinds of rental properties are included on RentalDog?

RentalDog covers all licensed buildings in Vancouver with five or more residential units, including:

  • Single-room occupancy hotels
  • Purpose-built rental housing
  • Non-market housing
  • Supportive housing units

Some properties are not included: single family homes, laneway housing, secondary suites, strata buildings, duplexes/triplexes/fourplexes and buildings that are not licensed rentals.